REPLAY – Webinar – Environmental Disaster Management: Case Study

Because risk management is at the heart of our business, the GM Consultant group has decided to mobilize the talents of its specialist experts to bring a new perspective on current topics by organizing a series of “Expert Opinion” webinars.
On November 6, 2018, Ruth Saeys and Morgan Petit, our environmental experts discussed the issue of claims management in the environment.


Chemical spills, soil contamination… pollution is a topic that is widely discussed in the public debate without any real knowledge of how to deal with disasters that affect our environment.

  • Are companies really prepared and aware of pollution risks?
  • How does crisis management work when an incident occurs?

Our specialized experts, in France Morgan Petit and Belgium Ruth Saeys, focused on concrete cases to help us better understand the responsibilities and challenges of crisis management issues in the environment.


Find the link to the replay of their webinar.