Personal belongings stolen


An Italian citizen stayed at a three-star hotel in Paris’ 1st arrondissement before returning to the United States.

When she arrived, she put her belongings in her hotel room, then left to visit the capital’s historic city centre.

An individual bumped into her while she was on her walk, and when she returned to the hotel, she found that her belongings had been stolen. This guest had left her computer, telephone, and several other luxury items in her room, which was accessed using a magnetic key card.


A GM Consultant loss adjuster was called in to investigate the circumstances surrounding the theft of this magnetic card, which the thieves used to get into the guest’s room.

The magnetic card was stolen while in the hotel guest’s custody. Given the circumstances of the theft and the guest’s negligence, the loss adjuster was able to rule out the hotelier’s liability.

A damage assessment was also carried out based on the supporting documents provided by the guest.