Fraudulent bank transfers


A property management firm reported being the victim of several attempts to divert funds via its banking platform. Although the fraud was quickly detected, a large number of the bank transfers were debited from the bank account. The amount deemed by the policyholder to be fraudulent was estimated at more than 800,000 euros.

The first documents submitted made it look as if the alleged fraudulent transfers had been made by the management company via the accountant’s user account and from the accountant’s computer. However the company claimed to have been the victim of fraudulent transfers.


The accountant’s hard disk was seized. GM Consultant carried out a forensic analysis on the hard disk to determine whether malware was on the disk at the time the transfers were made, and if the malware could be the source of the transactions.

As a result of the analysis, it was determined that the computer had been compromised by advanced malware that made it possible to control the machine remotely just before carrying out the fraudulent transfer.