Video projectors damaged during rehearsals in a studio


There are many players involved in preparing for and shooting television programmes, e.g., production companies and various speciality service providers (laser animations, stage lighting, sound, etc.).

In this claim, two video projectors suffered tangible damages following a laser encoding session (programming how the beams move with a computer), the day before a reality show was scheduled to start filming.

The equipment was sent back to the manufacturer in Belgium, and we were appointed ten days after the incident occurred.

The policyholder had to hire replacement equipment to finish the show, and was considering hiring equipment again in order to honour his next performance contract, at the Cannes Film Festival in May.


As our GM Consultant loss adjuster had already encountered this type of incident, he was able to call on his technical knowledge to quickly respond to and resolve this issue.

Therefore, as soon as the appointment was received, he quickly authorised the repairs so that the projectors would be operational in time for the Cannes Film Festival.

The usual observations of the defective parts were made afterwards.

As such, the policyholder was able to carry on with his professional activities, without interruption and additional rental costs, thereby avoiding losses estimated at over €40,000.