Overturning of an articulated lorry, tractor and semi-trailer


A lorry toppled over on a winding country road as it entered a bend. Upon entering the curve, the driver felt a significant jolt coming from the flatbed semi-trailer’s axles. Immediately afterwards, the lorry hit the road hard, resulting in significant tangible damages.

The owner of the lorry had acquired the new trailer from the manufacturer just a few days before the accident.  The flatbed semi-trailer was equipped with a self-steering rear axle that locks above 50 km/h (30 mph).



Automotive loss adjusters from GM Consultant investigated the scene of the accident and the damaged vehicle. Specifically, they analysed the speed data stored in the electronic control module. This analysis enabled them to determine the point at which the self-steering axle unlocked in the moments leading up to the accident.

Our experts were thus able to demonstrate that the trailer’s self-steering axle unlocked prior to the curve while travelling in a straight line. They showed that there was no causal link between the trailer malfunction and the accident, and were able to clear the policyholder of liability.