Meteorological monitoring for a festival


Given the unfavourable weather forecast for the closing event (strong winds with gusts), the GM Consultant loss adjuster and the broker visited the festival site.

For information, the stage equipment was rated for a maximum of 72 km/h.

Upon arriving at 6 p.m., the GM Consultant loss adjuster noticed that:

  • The “speedometer” screen installed on the ridge cap of the stage showed winds averaging about 40 km/h with gusts of more than 60 km/h.
  • Forecasts called for winds to be increasing in the next few hours.

The organisers of the event did not want to put the audience or the performers at risk, and so were planning to cancel the session for safety reasons.


After consulting with the broker, the loss adjuster told the organisers that it seemed premature to announce a cancellation and that in our opinion, it would be best to hold the event as normal while closely monitoring the changing wind conditions and not without having taken certain safety measures ahead of time:

  • The public entrance was moved so that attendees did not have to walk under the welcome screens (risks of equipment falling)
  • The LED screens at the back of the stage were not raised (the artists agreed to this)
  • Advertising umbrellas were lowered and certain partitions were taken down

In the end, the first concert began as scheduled despite sustained winds, and the evening went without a hitch.