Freight Transport

Everything around us can be transported. Materials, animals, and all sorts of foods — dry, fresh, frozen, even bulk. Various forms of transport are employed based on the constraints of the goods and the customer’s needs in terms of deadlines: road, sea, air, or rail.

As such, there is an infinite variety of incidents that can occur, and loss adjusters who are specialised in “freight transport” are often rushed in to intervene as quickly as possible to accurately determine the causes and circumstances of the loss as well as the extent of damage.

Despite the urgency of such situations, appropriate interventions and joint appraisal meetings are necessary in order to take provisional measures and safeguard the goods. Loss adjusters must respond quickly, immediately look for solutions to limit costs, and advise their clients to avoid the occurrence of further incidents.



With my keen interest in transport-related technologies, my career began with automobile damage surveys, before I came to specialise in incidents involving transported goods, especially wheeled vehicles and industrial equipment. Leaning towards industrial and railway risks, I was called on to handle cases involving carriage bodies, general liability and transported goods, machine breakdowns, etc. I joined GM Consultant in 2016 and I am continuing to develop the railway and transport sectors. I take each appointment as a challenge, which I very happily face, and I spend a great deal of my free time boating—my favourite activity.

Phone: +33 (0)6 22 79 40 57

Nicolas MAYET
Loss Adjuster - Manager North East Africa

With 25 years of experience in the lifting, transport and industrial installation sectors, including 18 years spent in Africa, I’ve been able to take part in the largest industrial sites over the years: combined-cycle power plants in southern Algeria, wind farms in northern Morocco, cement plants in Mauritania… I joined GM Consultant in early 2018 as a loss adjuster and manager of the North Africa department after many years of collaboration as an industrial specialist. I love extreme sports and regularly practice kite surfing and Thai boxing as an instructor and club manager.

Phone: + 213 (0) 560 970 232

Etienne TURCO
Loss adjuster

After earning an agri-food degree, I set my sights on process development and quality in the dairy product industry. To enhance my professional experience, I decided to move to the United Kingdom for six years, where I became relatively fluent in the language of Shakespeare. Upon returning to France, I became interested in damage surveys and began training in the transported goods sector, in the fields of land, rail and sea. I joined GM Consultant in 2018 as an industry loss adjuster, working in the fields of damage and public liability. I love history and landscapes and share my discoveries with my family.

Phone number: +33 6 88 54 42 70