Freight Transport

Everything around us can be transported. Materials, animals, and all sorts of foods — dry, fresh, frozen, even bulk. Various forms of transport are employed based on the constraints of the goods and the customer’s needs in terms of deadlines: road, sea, air, or rail.

As such, there is an infinite variety of incidents that can occur, and loss adjusters who are specialised in “freight transport” are often rushed in to intervene as quickly as possible to accurately determine the causes and circumstances of the loss as well as the extent of damage.

Despite the urgency of such situations, appropriate interventions and joint appraisal meetings are necessary in order to take provisional measures and safeguard the goods. Loss adjusters must respond quickly, immediately look for solutions to limit costs, and advise their clients to avoid the occurrence of further incidents.



I'm passionate about cars and began my career in a dealership before turning to loss adjustment in 2001. I became a certified automotive expert in 2003 and for over 10 years I managed cases involving vehicle collision, professional liability, legal protection, farm machinery and bikes. Since 2012 I have also specialised in transported goods, railway incidents and broken machinery.
I joined GM Consultant in 2016 and work as an automotive and transported goods expert in North West France.
I have three children and live near Vannes where I restore vintage cars. I am also a water sports fan.