Freight Transport

Everything around us can be transported. Materials, animals, and all sorts of foods — dry, fresh, frozen, even bulk. Various forms of transport are employed based on the constraints of the goods and the customer’s needs in terms of deadlines: road, sea, air, or rail.

As such, there is an infinite variety of incidents that can occur, and loss adjusters who are specialised in “freight transport” are often rushed in to intervene as quickly as possible to accurately determine the causes and circumstances of the loss as well as the extent of damage.

Despite the urgency of such situations, appropriate interventions and joint appraisal meetings are necessary in order to take provisional measures and safeguard the goods. Loss adjusters must respond quickly, immediately look for solutions to limit costs, and advise their clients to avoid the occurrence of further incidents.



With my keen interest in transport-related technologies, my career began with automobile damage surveys, before I came to specialise in incidents involving transported goods, especially wheeled vehicles and industrial equipment. Leaning towards industrial and railway risks, I was called on to handle cases involving carriage bodies, general liability and transported goods, machine breakdowns, etc. I joined GM Consultant in 2016 and I am continuing to develop the railway and transport sectors. I take each appointment as a challenge, which I very happily face, and I spend a great deal of my free time boating—my favourite activity.

Phone: +33 (0)6 22 79 40 57

Senior Liability Loss Adjuster

I have entered loss adjusting in 1994. I handle losses throughout the UK extensively for risks associated with the transport industry. These range from incidents at train stations, track side, third party premises and construction sites for property damage, personal injury and consequential losses. I'm a specialist in agency companies and the losses associated with temporary workers. I handle products liability losses especially for the pharmaceutical industry. I regularly attends Counsel Conference to represent clients to agree litigation strategy for recovery actions.