Transportation and Lifting

As transport flows become denser and criss-cross the globe incidents are becoming more complex, and more costly. The same is true of technological developments in the automotive and aerospace industries. Self-driving cars and the increasing use of drones will give rise to new risks.

Whether a transporter or loader, manufacturer, distributor, or repairer of vehicles, policyholders that fall victim to incidents expect a fast, appropriate response from their insurer. There is no question of work coming to a halt or people and goods being immobilised for lengthy periods. Policyholders need comprehensive, effective, and fast solutions, all while maintaining their business relationships.

The loss adjusters at GM Consultant process 3000 Transportation and Lifting claims every year for Damages and Public Liability.

Claims categories

  • Automotive repairs and recalls
  • Toppled cranes
  • Derailed trains
  • Damaged vessels
  • Damage to aircraft
  • Damage to ski lifts


From technical damage survey to managing business issues, the added value of our loss adjusters :

  • Technical expertise to analyse what caused the incident.
  • Availability and responsiveness to get back to operational conditions as soon as possible.
  • Informative and supportive crisis management.
  • Ability to carry out negotiations on behalf of the policyholder and the insurer, while maintaining good client relations.


The Transportation and Lifting risks team is made up of over 30 loss adjusters (including 15 proven automotive experts) combining complementary skills in law (maritime, international, transport law, etc.), handling, automotive and mechanical engineering, and transportation. It also draws on the experience of a former quality manager from an automotive equipment supplier and a technical auditor from the aerospace industry, along with three naval engineers.