3G, 4G, ADSL, WiFi, Fibre optic, Bluetooth, SIP, VoIP, there are as many technologies as there are information exchange problems… These systems are interconnected via telecommunications systems.  When these systems go down, this often means that businesses are unable to access their data, or even to remain operational.

Professionals in this field also face very strong competition and must set themselves apart through innovation.

Associated incidents are complex and often require expertise in many areas: microelectronics, automation, electromagnetic waves, IT, regulations, health, etc.

Our expert loss adjusters call on this knowledge to ensure technical analyses are thorough and claims are managed appropriately.


Loss adjuster

After earning a Master's in engineering and specialising in business administration, I participated in the creation of a start-up, and then managed large IT projects in the industrial and medical fields. I then capitalized on my experience with Project Management Support at a consulting firm before directing Business Intelligence projects in the banking sector.
In 2013 I joined GM Consultant as a loss adjuster for IT risks, and primarily work on high-stakes public liability cases.
I'm a lover of classical literature, and like to challenge myself with works that have a reputation for being difficult.

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Jean Jacques MEGE
Loss Adjuster

I worked for 7 years as a project manager then project director for software companies. I managed many roll-outs for key accounts, in France and in Italy. These experiences allowed me to learn how to manage complex projects.
I then joined a real estate multinational corporation for whom I led projects involving multiple subcontractors at European level in various domains: Management, Finance, CRM and Geographic Information Systems.
Since 2017, I put my experience at the service of loss adjusters specialized in IT and cyber risk at GM Consultant. Curious by nature, I prefer travelling, taking pictures, the Côtes du Rhône and La Réunion.