Information Technology

In the modern world, information technology underpins everything a company does, and incidents may have significant operational consequences.

The companies affected by an incident expect first and foremost to be covered by their insurance and to have the matter resolved quickly. They also want to receive advice, especially about major crises when their information systems are compromised. And these crises may have commercial repercussions that place their very business in jeopardy.

GM Consultant loss adjusters process 500 claims relating to IT risks every year.


Claims categories :

  • Viruses and malware
  • Loss of data
  • Material damage
  • Failed IT projects
  • Malfunctioning software
  • Network down


From damage survey to prevention, benefit from the full added value of our loss adjusters :

  • Raise awareness of IT security risks
  • Assistance in costing risks
  • Technical analysis, advice on resolving incidents, loss analysis, crisis management, gathering evidence
  • Information and transparency to resolve incidents that the affected parties have difficulty understanding


The IT Risks team is a team of eight people managed by a qualified IT engineer and GM Consultant loss assessor since 2011. The team includes seven IT professionals with backgrounds in project management, operational management, and consulting for various developers and digital service companies, as well as a former engineer at the National Information System Security Agency and a specialist lawyer.