Electrical damages

SES manages 35 000 electrical damage claims per year

60% of electrical damage claims handled by SES involve both traditional capital goods (washing machines, TVs, refrigerators) and specific goods called immoveable properties by destination. This last category, which comprises items such as home automation devices and heat pumps, is a major challenge for companies because these items are becoming more and more common in homes, and can be technologically complex and expensive. Furthermore, claims involving household electrical appliances spike sharply during the summer, which is why it is important to be able to leverage resources to handle several months of high claim volumes.

SES handles 35,000 cases per year, 20,000 of which are processed between June and September, on behalf of several insurance and mutual insurance companies, as part of comprehensive home insurance coverage. Moreover, the 1,500 qualified repairers in its network are able to make house calls to policyholders anywhere in France to perform malfunction diagnostics and make repairs, providing real customer service.