logo-sesSES, a GM Consultant Group subsidiary, has specialised in compensation for the delegated claims management industry since 2003.

The company provides personalised high-volume claims management services for mutual and brokerage insurance companies.


SES is also recognised for its skill in managing complex projects and implementing human resource and technology systems to provide clients with high-quality services and effective crisis management. The company relies on the expertise of its 70 committed, results-oriented employees who embody the group’s values. SES is the market leader, managing a portfolio of nearly 50,000 cases in 2015.



  • Administering claims and run-off delegations
  • Managing production : enrolling and processing applications, issuing and collecting premiums
  • Managing serial claims
  • Providing advice on organisation and methodology




Clients are our primary focus. We offer balanced compensation solutions and services tailored to the context of the coverage. We are able to quickly mobilise resources to resolve cases involving high-volume claims management. Our case handlers and remote cost assessors manage nearly 50,000 cases per year in the following areas:

  • Affinity (Breakages, Thefts, Failures, Losses)
  • Electrical damages: replacement, repair, broken fire alarms, immoveable properties by destination
  • Property damage: water damage, theft, glass breakage, etc.
  • Unpaid rent coverage, damage to property
  • Collision coverage for motorised land vehicle collisions with fixed objects
  • General liability
  • Broken machinery




A network of over 1,500 repair technicians at our disposal, able to step in anywhere in France, visiting policyholders’ homes to perform malfunction diagnostics and repair material goods (washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, etc.) and immoveable properties by destination (heat pumps, shutters, etc.)


A network of lawyers and bailiffs, giving us control over costs and the pace of the litigation procedure as part of rental guarantee collection management.


A collaborative claims management platform open to all third parties (insurers, policyholders, victims, brokers, loss adjusters, etc.), that’s quick to implement, and easily configurable for greater flexibility and relevance.



« Our 70 claim handlers and remote cost assessors work each day to convey our clients’ positive and professional image. Focused on quality and maintaining customer relations, they proactively handle cases calling on their technical expertise and listening skills. They share the Group’s values. They are definitely our key asset. ».

Paul-Marie Rongiconi, GM Consultant Managing Director.


Head of division, Manager at Phonemix, Technical Advisor, Trainer

After eight years in customer service in the telecom and mobile equipment industry working as a technician and technical manager, and then two years as a salesman, I joined SES in 2005.
In addition to serving as head of a division that handles claims management delegation for a large insurance group, I also manage Phonemix, a service that appoints professionals to assess damages covered by comprehensive home insurance. As a technical advisor for electrical damage claims, I organise technical training sessions for my employees.
In my free time I like to paint and cook, which helps me achieve my work-life balance.

Head of Litigation and Collections Department

As a lawyer specialising in civil proceedings and enforcement, I worked in a Bailiff's office for two years, then worked in commercial debt collection for a year. In 2013, I joined SES to manage rental insurance claims. In 2016, SES created a litigation department, which I manage. My team appoints lawyers and bailiffs to collect sums owed by tenants.
I apply the same organisation and attention to detail to my love of gardening as I do to my work; every day is a new challenge!

Quality Manager

After studying law, I joined SES in 2006 as a claims manager. I've held several positions: contract manager, advisor on household electrical appliances, loss adjuster for real estate claims, audit manager, etc.
Thanks to my excellent understanding of how the various divisions operate and our clients' expectations, I was named Quality Manager for SES in 2015. Working in concert with all of the company's employees, I implement a set of procedures that improve the efficiency with which we manage claims and and follow-up on customer complaints.
I am highly meticulous, and use teamwork and technical knowledge to develop high performance tools.

Elisabeth AZOULAY
Manager and "crisis management" Project Manager

After five years as a real estate agent, I joined SES in 2009 to participate in setting up a team that handles unpaid rent claims, which I then directed. I also helped establish teams dedicated to managing large-scale claims in crisis situations (media, high volume, financial). I particularly enjoy implementing human resources and technological assets to resolve our clients' high-stakes cases.
Having lived many years abroad, I've learned to adapt to very different situations.

Marianna REYNAUD
Head of division

After earning a technical diploma in commercial activities, I held various positions in the banking industry, working in consulting and wealth management. I also worked in real estate and at an insurance company before joining SES in 2013.
I started as a case handler, then became a desktop cost assessor, and now I am the head of the division. I am responsible for a team of several employees, with whom I work on a daily basis, helping process claims and advising on sensitive cases when necessary. I also participate in recruiting and training new employees.
Passionate about interior design, I like to wander around and lose myself in flea markets.