Service Industries

Due to a variety of factors (an increasing number of companies, the desire to cut internal costs by delegating certain ancillary activities to external service providers, the development of personal assistance services to serve the ageing population, and tourism), the service industry is highly dynamic.

When an incident occurs, our experts find solutions that suit the situation and the victim(s), who may be professionals or individuals.

Because of the diversity of claims that can occur in this industry (theft of jewellery or luxury items from a hotel, loss of a master key that jeopardises the security of an establishment, damage to furniture or property caused by a cleaning service, etc.), our versatile, specialised loss adjusters act promptly, resolve claims, and explain the situation in such a way that eases tensions and fosters a sustainable business relationship between the parties.


Sandrine NEDJAR
Loss adjuster - Technical Advisor for Public liability

Logistics at a multinational, administration at a very small business, selling real estate, working as a notary... I joined GM Consultant in 2010 with a rich and varied background.
Driven by a genuine interest in the profession and a desire to learn, I have honed my ability to handle public liability claims and exceed client expectations.
I am now a technical advisor on public liability, and assist loss adjusters in processing their claims. I am also involved in certain major claims and in following up on key customer accounts.
Curious about everything, I am constantly looking for new thrills, like skydiving, hang gliding, paragliding...

Email :
Phone : +33 (0)6 86 59 93 06

Stéphanie DUMOULIN
Loss adjuster

After studying medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance law for six years, I joined GM Consultant in 2013. After starting as a desktop cost assessor for household electrical appliances, I became a loss adjuster for commercial general liability.
I handle cases in the fields of industry, services, hospitality, and bodily injury, which require attentive listening and tactful negotiation.
As with horseback riding, my passion, where it is necessary to prepare for obstacles strategically, I take a global view of each claim entrusted to me in order to define a precise action plan.