Sébastien Elie, Partner Loss Adjuster – Manager North-West Region (France)

Sebastien ELIE
Sebastien ELIE

“I joined GM Consultant in 2011 to head the Nantes office and supervise the firm’s automotive activities throughout France. Currently manager of the western region, I remain deeply attached to my job as a loss adjuster. After many years of technical experience at dealerships and manufacturers during the development of automotive multiplexing, I began appraising classic cars then went on to specialise in automotive and industrial liability. Particularly interested in fire claims involving agricultural and public works equipment, I also work on cases involving industrial and mechanical issues. Rigour, strategy, and the art of negotiation guide each of my actions”

What does it mean to you becoming an associate at GM Consultant?

Having access to the status of associate represents the accomplishment of the efforts and the results obtained to develop the company in north-western France and in the automobile sector.

Area of expertise :
Automotive Industry 

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