The health sector, including the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, is subject to constantly changing regulations. When an incident occurs, excellent knowledge of the sector and the law is essential to being able to identify the causes and evaluate the associated risks.

Our Health experts’ professional experience enables them to handle a range of claims, for example recalling contaminated cosmetic products or non-compliant pharmaceutical products. Aware of the inherent issues of the health sector, our specialists are able to quickly propose appropriate solutions.


Morgan PETIT
Loss adjuster

My fascination with the sea led me to studying chemistry and life sciences before becoming a doctor of oceanography. After several years in research, I joined the Environment and Life Sciences division at GM Consultant. I was trained in performing damage surveys by the Industrial Risks division. I assess public liability issues that are part of environmental and health claims. The same investigative spirit that drove my scientific research now drives my search for facts and evidence.
Through my passions for sailing, diving, and underwater photography, I explore the ocean from every angle, just as I do with my cases.

Email :
Phone : +33 (0)6 33 52 94 71

Stéphanie DUMOULIN
Loss adjuster

After studying medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance law for six years, I joined GM Consultant in 2013. After starting as a desktop cost assessor for household electrical appliances, I became a loss adjuster for commercial general liability.
I handle cases in the fields of industry, services, hospitality, and bodily injury, which require attentive listening and tactful negotiation.
As with horseback riding, my passion, where it is necessary to prepare for obstacles strategically, I take a global view of each claim entrusted to me in order to define a precise action plan.