A telescopic handler overturns


While a construction company was using a telescopic handler to accomplish a task, the vehicle overturned. According to the driver, it overturned because of a technical failure affecting the telehandler’s system for locking the platform.

The owner of the telehandler therefore launched an appeal against the company that sold the vehicle, also responsible for maintaining equipment. During the last maintenance appointment, the vendor greased one of the parts of the platform locking system.




The investigations and tests carried out by GM Consultant loss adjusters demonstrated that the platform locking system showed no signs of technical defects that could have caused the accident.

The intrinsic quality of the telehandler was therefore ruled out as the possible cause of the accident, as was the service provided by the company that performed the maintenance.

The investigators deduced that the telehandler most likely overturned as a result of a combination of how and where the equipment was operated.