SES Updates its Visual Identity!

SES is updating its look with a new visual identity to reaffirm its positioning and better align it with the group. SES now has a logo and visuals that match GM Consultant’s new graphic universe, which was launched in September 2016. SES has been a GM Consultant Group subsidiary since 2003 and specialises in compensation for the delegated claims management industry. The company provides personalised high-volume claims management services for mutual and brokerage insurance companies.


The new image was officially launched on 8 December 2016. The logo is more modern, but still retains its original soul, and highlights SES’s technical nature and ability to make links between different actors. The decision to preserve the original shapes was made in order to stay true to the values that made the company successful. Providing local service, efficiency and calm management, SES relies on 70 employees who can respond to any crisis situation. SES’s new blue, which serves as a symbol of quality service, enhances GM Consultant’s new colours and its international positioning.