Malware installed on the IT network


A printing company reported being the victim of a criminal attack on its IT network. The attack took place on its premises.

In the middle of the night, someone entered the company’s premises, connected a laptop and then installed malware in the IT network. The attack involved ransomware which was installed and activated on a file-sharing server used for production. As soon as the code introduced during the attack was activated, a large number of files became unreadable. The next day, the company noticed a message on several computers, asking it to pay a ransom in order to restore the files that the ransomware had made unreadable. The company decided to activate its crisis management system, bringing in several service providers. The service providers worked to stop the virus from spreading, to re-install the affected systems and install an emergency solution so that the company could continue operations.


GM Consultant was appointed by the printing company’s insurer. The company was given advice that allowed it to sue for civil injury in the case against the person who installed the ransomware. All expenses incurred in processing the claim have been analysed and reviewed against the victim’s insurance policy, in order to seek compensation.