Ransomware and business losses


Over the course of one night, several infected emails were sent to employees at a survey company. In the morning, an employee opened one of the emails and its attachment. The zip file triggered the installation and launch of hacker software unrecognised by the antivirus tools, even though these tools were up to date. This software travelled through all the computer’s folders, including network shares, and made large numbers of files unreadable, renaming them with a “.vvv” extension along the way. At the same time, two files containing instructions for paying a ransom to obtain the key for decoding the files, appeared on the user’s desktop.

As soon as the virus was reported, the IT department decided to completely isolate two sites, to stop the virus from spreading. This led to a loss of availability. Then curative and preventive actions were carried out. Connectivity was restored by the end of the day.


The survey company’s insurer appointed GM Consultant to gather all the supporting documents to be submitted for the smooth handling of the claim.