Rally course changed


A few months before the original start date of a rally, one of the countries in which several stages of the race were going to take place, including the start, pulled out. This meant the policyholder (the company organising the event) had to inform the competitors of a change in course.


Our intervention aimed to:

  • Determine the exact circumstances that led the country to withdraw its participation, and analyse the contractual relations between said country and the policyholder.
  • Create a detailed analysis of the revenue loss related to the change in course, including loss of certain TV rights, loss of partners associated with the country concerned, cost overruns due to event reorganisation (transportation of teams and vehicles, tracking and layout of the new stages, installations in the starting area, etc.), withdrawal of some competitors, etc. This analysis was carried out in collaboration with the Finance division of the GM Consultant group.

The new version of the race eventually took place without any setbacks.