Regulated Construction professions

For several years, regulations have required that various property diagnostics must be carried out as part of real estate transactions, as well as in the context of day-to-day management of certain extant buildings.

The combination of a multitude of building systems and regulations that are sometimes unclear is to blame for many disputes, and represents a risk for diagnosticians and their insurers alike.

Our expert loss adjusters have a great deal of experience in the construction industry and with performing property diagnoses. They provide qualitative answers for any technical, regulatory, or financial questions that may arise. For nearly 10 years, they have endeavoured to protect the interests of companies and their policyholders.



François GABUS
Loss adjsuter

Before entering the world of insurance in 2005, I used my Master's in civil and infrastructure engineering to oversee roofing and cladding operations for industrial buildings. Working as a loss adjuster for construction, fire and casualty claims at a large insurance group, I handled claims involving water damage, theft, professional liability, decennial liability, etc.
In 2014, I joined GM Consultant as a public liability loss adjuster working with construction companies and real estate professionals. I regularly research new construction techniques to stay up to date and satisfy my curiosity about the field.
I'm a big fan of extreme water sports, which help me unwind.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 45 87 04 77

Laurent SPANO
Loss adjuster

After several years at the global leader in flooring and false ceilings, I created and ran a property inspection and diagnosis firm for 13 years. In 2009, I joined GM Consultant as a loss adjuster for regulated construction professions, diagnosis, and real estate.
I handle both amicable and legal proceedings, using my comprehensive knowledge of the sector to help companies and their policyholders manage claims.
By facilitating communication and constantly striving to find the best possible solutions, I ensure all parties are satisfied.

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Stéphane KRANJEC
Loss adjuster

Graduated from POLYTECH' LILLE (EUDIL) in 2001, I have acquired through my various professional and extra-professional experiences the knowledge necessary to understand varied situations and adopt the appropriate conduct for the given stakes.
Since 2013, I have been involved in multi-risk policies, machinery breakdowns and industrial liability insurance.
My areas of expertise are varied and cover mainly industry sectors with a predilection for construction trades.
Dynamic and instinctive, I process files in detail to understand the ins and outs of each case.

Phone: +33 (0)6 37 35 04 69

Marc-Olivier LHUILLIER
Loss Adjuster

Following an engineering degree at the CNAM, I worked 20 years in the world of construction appraisal and especially on liability and ten-year liability policies for builders.
In 2019, I decided to join GM Consultant with the objective of broadening the scope of my assignments by handling both liability and property and casualty cases. This new experience is also an opportunity for me to not only share my knowledge but also to exchange and acquire new skills. Conscientious and professional, I apply my technical skills to deal effectively and diplomatically with all the cases entrusted to me.

Phone number: +33 (0)7 70 12 67 53