Audiovisual Production

Film, advertisement, and television programme shoots are subject to the hazards of external events. An actor or director being unavailable, failure of technical equipment necessary for filming, loss of rushes, or loss of feed on live TV, etc., may cause shoots to be abandoned, adjourned, postponed, or extended.

When an incident occurs, action must be taken quickly to find solutions that will “save” the audiovisual production: reorganising the work plan, rewriting the script, using understudies, replacing damaged technical equipment, digitally retouching the affected rushes, recovering digital data, etc.

Professionals in the audiovisual field and their insurers must be able to count on competent and reactive expert loss assessors. Our experts have specialised knowledge in film production and technical equipment, have an excellent understanding of the organisation and sequence of events in a shoot, and respect the interests of the various stakeholders.


Senior Loss adjuster - Art and Media Specialist

I entered the workforce as a trader for a major bank, then spent many years as a producer. In 2004 I joined GM Consultant, where I set up the Arts and Media division.
Specialising in the artistic professions, I meticulously evaluate financial losses caused by the cancellation or postponement of audiovisual and musical productions (and sometimes sporting events) when an artist is unavailable, weather conditions are unfavourable, or administrative authorisation is revoked.
My attraction to the art world carries over into my free time: I have painted for many years.

Timothée GRANGE
Loss adjuster - Asia Pacific Director

Trained in finance, risk management, crisis management, and competitive intelligence, I worked in China for four years to create and manage a company, then spent three years in France in risk management consulting.
After joining GM Consultant in 2012, I taught myself about damage surveying before moving to Hong Kong and creating the Asia-Pacific subsidiary. Specialising in financial, technical, and industrial risks, I enhanced my knowledge of IT risks by becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker.
An avid runner, I challenge myself on the track just as I do in my professional life.