GM Consultant loss adjusters took part in the Claims Club Asia in Hong Kong

Timothée Grange and Moying Chap, loss adjusters at GM Consultant group, took part in the Claims Club Asia in Hong Kong on Tuesday 15th November,2016.

In front of claim handlers, brokers, lawyers, the two loss adjusters spoke about: Professional indemnity claims: How to challenge a third party claim without jeopardizing the insured’s business interests ?

Here are the subjects addressed:

  • Do insurers and policyholders share a common interest in PI claims defense strategy?
  • How insurers should position themselves during the settlement negotiations
  • What is the impact of the insurer’s involvement in the discussions with the claimant?
  • How to manage recovery with strategic providers/subcontractors?

Timothée Grange also participated to a panel discussion regarding « Cost of claims preparation : making sure policy holders are well-informed » :

  • Reviewing the impact an educated vs. an uneducated approach to claims preparation can have for a policy holder
  • The benefits of including a claims preparation clause in every policy
  • The responsibility and role brokers have when offering claims preparation coverage
  • Are there any unanticipated costs or downsides for the insurer when providing claims preparation coverage?