Nathalie & Damien: an efficient duo

The growth of our firm is based on passionate, invested and brilliant men and women. We pay tribute to them in a series of portraits. With thousands of cases per year and the particularity of managing high-volume claims, Nathalie Ferraro and Damien Gil manage the DAB and VTM shock divisions in tandem within our SES subsidiary, which specialises in the management of high-volume claims, but also in compensation in delegated management contexts.




What is your career path within the GM Consultant group?

Nathalie Ferraro: I have been working at GM Consultant for 11 years, I started with machine breakdown and over time my experience has been enriched by other skills. In 2015, I joined Damien Gil who was looking for a senior assistant to form a tandem within the impact poles of land motor vehicle against fixed body (VTM) and property damage (DAB). I said yes right away, I like to work on something concrete!

Damien Gil: My master’s degree in insurance law and a background in companies allowed me to become an expert at GM Consultant in 2011. While working on RC files, I quickly realized the development potential of VTM files. I discussed this with our deputy director in charge of customer relations and partner Philippe Azoulay, who trusted me to set up a division and launch the business. A success since we have increased in 4 years from 200 to 10,000 cases per year. Enthused by the idea of creating a real dynamic around the frequency market, I participated in the creation of the DAB cluster before taking over its management. Today my role is technical and commercial director of SES as well as VTM and DAB manager. Obviously, I couldn’t manage this whole structure without Nathalie!


How does your tandem work?

Nathalie: My job has evolved with more management/training and office life management. I am the foundation on which Damien relies! I took over some of his responsibilities, including assignments, planning, day-to-day office management, training and the management of assistants. My position is that of an operations manager.

Damien: With 26 employees at the DAB and VTM headquarters, we are a growing centre and Nathalie’s work allows me to focus on supporting experts with a constant focus on quality. In addition to managing the office, Nathalie is involved in the business aspect by also guaranteeing the processes.


How is a case processed?

Nathalie: We handle claims under the VTM, ranging from a simple impact with a gate to a vehicle falling on rails. We use the same processes throughout the group, opening the file, making contact, choosing the management method: travel, tele-expertise or video expertise. Supervisors are dedicated to each division and assist the experts in writing their reports.

Damien: The frequency market is often perceived as general because of the recurrence of loss types. I do not share this vision at all, it is a market to be revolutionized! The SES brand within the GM Consultant group proves that it is possible to offer high technical and legal added value. For example, we have a triple quality circuit for frequency files with the validation of the report within the division, the subsidiary and then the group.


What are your future projects?

Damien: I am currently working on consolidating our network throughout the country. The frequency market will continue to evolve and we will be there to provide the best answers to our customers. So far we have done very little business development, so we will promote our value-added offer more in the market.

Nathalie: I remain focused on the activity of the divisions while continuing to provide tools and resources that allow each expert and each assistant to work under the best conditions.