Internet platform shut down


The policyholder reported being the victim of a distributed denial of service attack. This cyber-attack involves flooding a computer with fake network requests to impede its ability to provide service for legitimate clients.

The physical infrastructure was installed on the premises of a service provider which immediately noticed unusually slow speeds on his Client’s equipment.

The policyholder and its hosting services provider responded by mitigation (filtering illegal traffic) which worked for a while. However, the fraudulent traffic adapted to bypass the filter criteria. The servers that were attacked had to be disconnected from the network, resulting in a shut down in the policyholder’s services and a lower Google search engine ranking for the associated websites that lasted a week.


The impact analysis showed a significant loss of profits. GM Consultant provided a detailed estimate of the lost profit and assessed the financial damage caused by the cyber-attack. More effective semi-automatic protection mechanisms have been put in place since the incident.