Our ready-to-use online tool to assess cyber risk exposure

When clients buy cyber insurance, they are not only looking for a financial coverage. What they need, what they ask for is support from their insurance partners. First to help them understand their potential exposure and second to provide additional resources in time of incident in order to mitigate and handle a potential crisis.

Most insurers are much aware that Cyber insurance coverage has to come with additional services. Post-loss services including response team (IT forensics, PR & legal support, notifications management…) and claim handling are already featured in most policies. Insurers also start to include pre-loss services (risk audit, training, incident plan drafting, phishing or even Pen-testing…) with a double objective: learning more about the risk profile of their clients and making sure they have basic risk management practices in place. Those services are also very efficient to build up the awareness and are a very strong selling point during pre-underwriting process.

However, if underwriters and brokers are ready to offer those services for their key accounts, it is another story when they want to address the SME market. Given the premium level, how underwriters could afford providing added value pre-loss services to their coverage ?

In order to overcome this issue and to answer the needs expressed by our partners, GM Consultant has created the Inquest Cyber Survey: a ready-to-use online tool to assess cyber risk exposure and provide recommendations to clients.

The main objective is to provide underwriters or brokers with a simple and reliable tool to assess the cyber risk exposure of their insured/clients.

The tool can also be used by risk managers and compliance officers for due diligence process and risk profiling of their vendors and/or business partners.

A dedicated report will be issued with the risk profile details and maturity level assessment together with improvement recommendation’s suggestions.

Our partners could use the standard Inquest Cyber Survey platform or a dedicated one with their own branding and taylor-made questionnaire that could potentially replace proposal forms. GM Consultant could also provide surveys consolidation analysis in order to assess the global exposure of a clients/vendors portfolio and its evolution.

If you want to know more about the tool, please contact us:

cyber@gmconsultant.com or info@gmconsultant.com