Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Bordeaux our French Regional Office

Interview with Jean-Paul Marques, Regional Manager 

In 2008 GM Consultant opened its third site in Bordeaux but especially its first in the region. On the occasion of Bordeaux’s 10th anniversary and the inauguration of its new offices, collaborators from Toulouse and Bayonne will join their Bordeaux colleagues on 14 June to celebrate this event in the presence of clients from the region. Meeting with Jean-Paul Marques, expert and Head of South-West Region, to draw up an overview of this decade.


As the Bordeaux office celebrates its 10th anniversary, what can we report on our presence in the region?

The opening of the Bordeaux office in 2008 marked a significant milestone in GM Consultant’s development as, after Vitrolles and Courbevoie, it was our first ‘regional’ office. At that time, the Firm had set its sights on developing a presence in the region in order to forge closer ties with local policyholders and stakeholders.

After Bordeaux, we pursued the initiative further, with the ultimate result of creating a network of 17 offices across France, including those in Toulouse and Bayonne that, together with Bordeaux, constitute the South-West Region.

This regional proximity has enabled us to grow our business, in terms of both the number of files handled (more than 1000 high-risk files in the South-West Region in 2017) and, in particular, with regard to our distinct areas of expertise.


What are the strenghts in the South-West Region?

Our loss adjusters!

Today, we employ 11 loss adjusters with a broad spectrum of technical expertise allowing us to fulfil every one of the requirements of our principals, whether it be in Industrial Public Liability, Construction, Finance or Machinery Breakdown—my particular area of great interest.

In addition, we naturally developed expertise in domains geared to the region, such as Oenology and Renewable Energy, owing to the importance of Solar and Hydroelectric production activities in the South-West.

We remain ever attentive to the needs of our clients and take great pride in providing them with tailor-made solutions. This is reflected in our recruitment policy, which consists of hiring loss adjusters with special knowledge of the local area and its stakeholders.


What are our plans for the South-West Region over the coming years?

We have recently relocated from our old offices in Bordeaux to brand new premises offering a considerably larger and brighter space, which will be unveiled on 14 June 2018. In order to enhance the working environment of our staff members and increase our capacity for additional recruitment, this expansion project will also extend to our branches in Toulouse and Bayonne.

We aim to continually strengthen our teams by hiring specialist loss adjusters capable of widening our scope of expertise in specific sectors, for instance, aeronautics, which has a strong presence in the region.

These changes will take place in a way that is consistent with our goal of improving client services and for the purpose of adapting to the annual growth of the group, which has been steadily expanding for almost 20 years!