Non-compliant levels of ochratoxin-A found in ORGANIC finished products


Customer complaints led to analyses being performed on finished BIO products (toasts and biscuits). The analyses showed a level of ochratoxin-A that was not compliant with the limits specified in European Community regulations.

The BIO buckwheat supplier, which purchased the cereal from Lithuanian producers and sold it to a French miller for making BIO buckwheat flour, was implicated. The flour was used for making toasts and biscuits to be sold in a large number of BIO retail chains in Europe.


For this case, GM Consultant was asked to verify all the documentation that could establish traceability from the time the cereal was sold until the finished products were manufactured, in France and Lithuania. A legal analysis was also carried out on the limitation of liability clauses specified in the various contracts entered into between the parties.

In addition, samples set aside at each of the distribution stages will be analysed.

If the products delivered by the policyholder are shown to be non-compliant, an appeal could be lodged against the Lithuanian producers.