GM Consultant is mobilizing to respond to the emergency of the natural disaster that affects Texas

Natural disaster – Harvey hurricane : GM Consultant is mobilizing

Nearly 6 million people are affected by Hurricane Harvey. A natural disaster that ravaged Texas by causing considerable human and material losses. Harvey is the most powerful hurricane to have hit the United States since Katrina 12 years ago, with 6 inches of rainfall per hour, winds of up to 133 miles / h, 19 tornadoes and a sea surge of 13 feet. Material damage is already in the tens of billions of dollars.
In 2016, our firm responded to the consequences of “Matthew”, a Category 4 hurricane in the Bahamas, handling over 200 property claims.

Today, our teams are ready and mobilized to respond to the scale of the disaster. Supervised by our US office, led by Ray Pawlak, an international team of NatCat specialists has been dispatched to the scene. Our whole network from Paris to Hong Kong is available to assist the teams on site as well as to accompany and inform our customers from all countries.

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