Materials containing asbestos


As part of the total rehabilitation of an 8-storey Paris office building at roughly 2,500-m², project managers asked an asbestos specialist to carry out a pre-construction asbestos analysis, as required by regulations. Asbestos was discovered and declared in various locations and in various forms by the expert carrying out the analysis.

Shortly before work started, bituminous adhesive and floor slabs were discovered in the flooring of 3 areas measuring 250 m². The adhesive and slabs had been declared asbestos-free by the analyst. Tests showed that they did contain asbestos after all.

The worksite was therefore shut down and the owners sought compensation (asbestos removal costs, operational and financial losses).


In this case, the involvement of GM Consultant loss adjusters, in project mode, made it possible to show that there was no causality link between the services of the analyst and the presence of asbestos, to pinpoint the only rehabilitation work that could be the origin of the additional asbestos, and to determine the actual operational loss.

The findings of GM Consultant resulted in an agreement to pay a certain amount for the worksite delay and operational loss, instead of the amount claimed initially. The asbestos removal itself was not considered a loss.