Marseille-Cassis: the GM Consultant Team and some sporty customers on the starting line

Sport, running in particular, has a major place in our company. Cherished by its managers since many years, running gathers more and more people of the company that discover themselves, get closer during intensive training sessions often organized spontaneously during the lunch break or in the evening after a very full working day!

In 2017, to celebrate Marseille Provence European Capital of Sport, GM Consultant wanted to become partner of the Marseille-Cassis and our collaborators immediately followed. On 29 October, they will be 25 from all over France accompanied by some of our customers, to start the famous run Marseille-Cassis. Famous because it offers an exceptional panorama but most of all because this run of 20 km is ranked among the Top 50 runs in the world* and presents an ascending elevation of 327 m at the 10th kilometer.

At the arrival, our runners will be welcomed inside a tent especially arranged, in which they will find refreshments and healing for their muscles. This will improve the wellbeing feeling that all runners feel after a good run…

For any question about the partnership or the organization:

*IAAF Silver Label Road Races 2017