A wide range of materials are used to build boats, and these materials are constantly being improved. In addition to using traditional structural materials such as steel, wood, and polyester, carbon constructions are now used.

Furthermore, the luxury yachting sector has developed significantly, with increasingly larger boats and higher construction costs, and more and more high-tech equipment on board such as GPS, etc

Upped economic stakes and ever more technologically-advanced materials mean that our loss adjusters must be responsive and competent.

Our loss adjusters have expertise in the legal, technical, economic, and financial aspects of the maritime and pleasure boating world. They have perfect understanding of the sometimes tragic consequences of a leak in a boat or a weakness in the structure of a carbon mast, and respect the interests of the various stakeholders.



Bastien SOULET
Loss adjuster

I have always been interested in cars and automotive mechanics, and decided to work in the field at an early age. After taking part in technical training, I became a state-certified automotive loss adjuster. I then worked for a firm specialising in mechanical breakdowns, legal protection, and automotive liability.
I've been a loss adjuster at GM Consultant since 2016, and specialise in public liability for automotive professionals and vehicles in general. I handle claims in the north-west of France with patience and attention to detail.
In my spare time I restore old cars and take part in various motor sports.

Email :
Phone : +33 (0)6 22 79 40 47

Loss adjuster

During my 27 years as an officer in the French Navy, I honed my ability to work in a team and learned technical skills about all the components of a warship, including nuclear reactors. A few years ago, when I got back to land, I put my knowledge of nuclear technology to use by working in engineering and engineering support.
I've been a loss adjuster at GM Consultant since 2013. I primarily handle claims in the field of energy production, but also get called in for all types of industrial activities, e.g., food, oil, automotive, etc.
I return to the sea, where I was taught rigor and feel most free, as often as I can.

Email :
Phone : +33 (0)7 87 51 83 24

Loss adjuster - South East Manager

After studying engineering and gaining experience in financial auditing, I joined GM Consultant as an IT loss adjuster, then became a loss adjuster for finance in 2007. I then developed and directed the Financial Risks division before becoming part of the company's management committee in 2015. As Manager of the South-East Region, I support the loss adjusters on a daily basis, to share my knowledge and promote synergy between our Talents. Customer satisfaction is important to me. I believe damage surveys should be carried out with a sharp eye for detail and a tactful approach to finding resolutions.
Keen on sailing, I handle unexpected situations calmly both at sea and at work.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 16 15 31 56

Senior Loss adjuster - Art and Media Specialist

I entered the workforce as a trader for a major bank, then spent many years as a producer. In 2004 I joined GM Consultant, where I set up the Arts and Media division.
Specialising in the artistic professions, I meticulously evaluate financial losses caused by the cancellation or postponement of audiovisual and musical productions (and sometimes sporting events) when an artist is unavailable, weather conditions are unfavourable, or administrative authorisation is revoked.
My attraction to the art world carries over into my free time: I have painted for many years.

Laurent LLUCH
Loss adjuster

After spending nearly 20 years working on high-tech industrial construction projects, both in design and in execution, I have a broad knowledge of all related building trades.
My familiarity with this field, along with my specialisation in mechanics and electric components of industrial sites, is indispensable to handling public liability claims. I am also responsible for claims in the energy sector. My long-time passion for competitive spearfishing has helped me develop skills that are useful to managing my claims: persistence and stress management.

Email :
Phone : +33 (0)6 48 78 48 62

Pierre-Etienne SOUYRIS
Loss Adjuster - Industries & Consumer Goods

With training in Industrial Engineering from the École des Arts et Métiers, I spent 10 years as an industrial site manager within an association of SMEs. Working on the ground in a field dealing with the challenges faced by industries in the 21st century, I combined production line management with team management. In 2017, I joined GM Consultant as an Industrial Risk Loss Adjuster, specialising in public liability. Each and every day, I put my in-depth knowledge of industrial processes to work and, more specifically, my materials expertise. A keen kitesurfer, I combine technique, humility and a desire to surpass myself both at work and at play.

Phone number: +33 (0)6 33 99 00 77