Loss adjuster & Assistant: a team approach

GM Consultant introduces a new series of interviews about the world of expertise. We would like to share with you our daily life made up of enthusiastic people and fascinating, even emotional encounters… Such is the story of Adeline Fagot, assistant and Laurent Lluch expert, who have formed an indissociable team for several years now. Meeting.


Could you tell us about your career path and your current role at GM Consultant?

Adeline Fagot : I have been an assistant to a specialist since 2015, after working for 7 years for an industrial group, I quickly became acquainted with the world of expertise. Regarding the business issues, I was trained by Laurence Perez, head of assistants. She then assigned me to the industry files thanks to my technical knowledge of the sector. Laurent[Lluch] was one of my first experts and we worked together over a period of 3 years.

Laurent Lluch : As an engineer by qualification, I worked for 20 years in the field of industrial construction, becoming a specialist expert in industry in 2014. I worked with Olivier Richard the first year to learn the profession. I mainly work in Civil Liability for all sizes in various fields (yachting shipyards, maintenance work, mechanics, petrochemicals, machining, moulding, electrical, hydraulic). We also assist SMEs in legal proceedings following damage. Adeline and I have formed a partnership based on complementarity and trust for several years.


How does the expert/assistant duo work?

AF: The assistant’s role at GMC is not at all the same as being a secretary, we are really involved in the files. I tailor myself to each case, each expert and each particular area… The added value of the assistant resides in her ability to understand the stakes involved in a disaster. I do like my job well because I can take initiatives and be autonomous, but beware, this autonomy is only acquired when the relationship of trust is set up with the expert. Laurent and I are able to work together with both eyes closed

LL: Adeline was my “guardian angel”! We are on the fieldwork almost all week long, during which time the assistant ensures the follow-up of files, answers technical or legal problems and manages any requests from customers. It is a work based on mutual trust that allows everyone to do their part as well as possible. For his part, the expert must also know the work of the assistant in order to be able to handle some tasks independently.


What is each party’s role in the files?

AF: Once the file is assigned, I take over, managing the administrative part. Then I make a first reading to deliver a global analysis to the expert with, if necessary, specific points of awareness to consider. All along, I have been following up with monthly reminders and communications to the company.

LL: The expert reviews the file, appraises it, investigates it, carries out fieldwork and attends meetings in order to provide minutes and/or reports to the company. According to the seniority, the expert’s report will be reviewed and validated by several collaborators. Adeline has always read my reports, both in content and form, in my case. Moreover, his wise eye can help me to enlighten some technical parts, as an example.


So well has your teammate worked, today you have new plans within the firm….

LL: Adeline is no longer my assistant for a few months, I had to overcome the difficulty of the separation[laughs]. On a more serious note, I would like to perpetuate the firm’s action on files of all sizes, particularly major risks. At the same time, I train young experts in the profession, an exciting activity!

AF: As well as managing my portfolio of files, I also work as an assistant to the regional director Erik Milhomme. A new adventure in my career!