Technical Analysis Laboratories

“Our testing and characterisation laboratory is key to identifying the causes of an incident. Our laboratory technicians are highly versatile and can be called on at a moment’s notice, making it possible for them to quickly validate and/or rule out the technical hypotheses behind various incident scenarios. The measurable data (test results, modelling, calculations) they supply provide an objective basis for making decisions.”

Olivier Richard, GM Consutant Technical and Business lines Director



Our three laboratories assist our teams and our clients with their investigations, bolster our technical expertise, and maintain a high level of personalised service (highly responsive, top-level experts):

  • Electricity and Electronics laboratory: component malfunction analysis, electromagnetic compatibility, fire risks, etc.
  • Mechanics and Materials laboratory: product fatigue resistance, standards compliance, fracture pattern analysis, etc.
  • IT and Cyber Security laboratory: recovery of deleted files, secure copies of hard drives, forensics, reverse engineering, reproduction of computer fraud mechanisms, etc.