Jean-Paul Marques, Partner Loss Adjuster – Ile-de-France Manager

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“I am a mechanical engineer specialising in materials, and worked in the field of quality for four years, primarily for an automotive supplier.  In 2006 I joined GM Consultant as a loss adjuster for broken machinery claims for lifting and handling machinery, public works equipment, production machinery, and renewable energy. Now head of the broken machinery division in Paris, I’m called in to perform damage surveys for major claims. I also participate in training junior loss adjusters in machine breakdowns, and emphasise how important client relationships are to our profession. I’m highly meticulous, and have a passion for playing the guitar. ”

What does it means to you becoming an associate at GM Consultant?

I joined GM Consultant 10 years ago. Becoming an associate ensures the continuity of my path and represents an additional chance to take part in a new step of the group development.

Area of expertise:
Transportation and Lifting

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