Interruption of filming for a TV film


The leading actor in a TV film needed emergency hospital treatment one week before the scheduled filming was due to finish. After consultation with the medical staff, it soon became clear that the actor would not be able to resume his role.


The GM Consultant loss adjusters visited the set immediately to help the policyholder, a production company, find solutions to “save” the film and prevent a total loss.

With the agreement of the director (holder of the image rights), the screenwriters (copyright holders), the actor’s family and the broadcasting company, the decision was made to modify the original script.

This made it possible to film the remaining scenes without the leading actor, who participated using the voice-over technique, as if he was on the telephone. Initially the plan was to use a well-known impersonator for the voice over, but in the end the actor himself was able to make the recording from his home using a mobile studio.

Once approved by the broadcasting company, the TV film was finally shown on the scheduled date, and was enjoyed by a large number of viewers!