INQUEST, a subsidiary of GM Consultant, publishes a blog on cyber security

Theft of personal or banking information and spying with the collection of strategic or confidential documents, cyber-attacks are on the increase and affect all types of businesses. The question is no longer if a company will be targeted, but when.

Contrary to what you might think, SMEs are not immune to cyber-attacks and seem to be as exposed as large companies, perhaps even more vulnerable. In the face of this invisible invasion, data security has become a major concern for all businesses.

Because information is the first step towards prevention, INQUEST, a subsidiary of GM Consultant, has launched a cyber security blog which includes all the latest news, trends and technical information on cyber security in Europe. Sarah Reynolds, our International Cyber Director oversees the English version of the blog.

On the agenda:

  • NEWS: Keep abreast of key market trends, the latest corrective patches, waves of cyber-attacks in progress, etc. Closer to unfolding events, we want to make this universe more accessible and more understandable.
  • ADVICE: Protect yourself from cyber-attacks, anticipate changes in the face of the new regulations, provide relevant recommendations on computer security, etc. INQUEST’s consultants write tip sheets that accurately reflect the reality businesses face.

From loss prevention to compensation, the cyber blog complements the services we offer companies on the prevention of cybersecurity risks.