INQUEST, a subsidiary of GM Consultant, created a Fire & Explosion Unit a few months ago

INQUEST, the GM Consultant subsidiary specialised in risk prevention services and consultancy has created a Fire & Explosion Unit that works at every stage from prevention to investigating claims.

This subsidiary was already working on managing cyber risks and investigating claims affecting consumer goods and has now expanded its area of expertise to analysing fires and explosions.

This new service is staffed by a team of specialists with the latest technology to assist their investigations. INQUEST thereby meets the increasing need for insurers to identify the cause of a fire and determine the liabilities, as well as the needs of companies who want independent technical advice.

The subsidiary’s services range from consultancy and prevention (on-site risk assessment, raising awareness for employees, etc.) to fire investigations (finding causes, a laboratory for electricity analyses, etc.). The latest technology, which is still not greatly used in this market, is applied to support the enquiries: drones, 3D scans and modelling, and simulation software can be used to confirm how a fire spread. The work can involve fires in homes, warehouses, public access buildings or even motorised vehicles: from cars to public works and agricultural machinery.


Fire & Explosion – Discover our innovative investigation methodology

Join us at our seminar on the post-fire investigation in June at Fort de la Briche, St Denis, organised in partnership with the LCPP.

In a fireproof fort at the gateway to Paris, our specialists will unveil the latest technologies in investigation through practical workshops.

If you have any requests, please contact our Loss Adjuster in charge of Fire Risk specialty, Nicolas Patris