Fire in a building during construction


A fire broke out while workers were welding part of an air conditioning system on the 5th floor of a building.

The building in question, home to public organisations, was heavily impacted by the incident. Part of Building A’s roof collapsed, and water spread to the floors below after firefighters intervened.

Faced with the prospect of staff being unable to return to the premises for several months, the various entities decided to relocate their employees to temporary offices that were quickly set up in the city and other sites in the département.

These temporary solutions, which aimed to ensure the continuity of these public services, could not last long. In addition, more permanent solutions were initiated, including major renovations to premises available in the area.


In this case, a GM Consultant loss adjuster specialising in construction stepped in on behalf of the health and safety coordinator, whose liability was sought for damages caused by the fire, which broke out in the construction enclosure they were contracted to protect.

Our construction loss adjuster collaborated with the firm’s fire specialists and financial evaluators to calculate all the claims made by third parties (temporary relocations, partial reconstruction of the damaged property factoring in the asbestos problem), and to lead the judicial expertise to investigate the cause and circumstances of the loss.