Damage to a dockside crane


A company present at a large number of French ports carried out dockside handling operations. While a ship was being unloaded, the clamshell bucket of a kangaroo crane hooked itself to the metal component, resulting in deformation to the jib extension.
As the crane had been designed almost 30 years previously, the company had few options for repair work.


The GM Consultant loss adjusters recommended alternative solutions, allowing operations to resume as soon as possible and at a lower cost.
With the policyholder’s agreement, the repair work was assigned to a service provider specialising in the construction and repair of special equipment.
The replacement extension jib was designed and manufactured entirely by this provider, based solely on the original part.

The repair work was monitored regularly, until the replacement jib extension was put in place.
In the end, the repair work cost 30% less than the initial estimate the policyholder had received, and was completed in less time.