Structural Works

“Structural works” comprises all of the supporting elements of a public works project, a home, a building, a functional building, or civil engineering project.

The main pathologies, which can sometimes lead to incidents, can result from poorly controlled aspects of the construction operations (poor workmanship/defects/design errors), but can also be caused by defective materials.

We have a diverse set of skilled experts: former works foremen, structural engineers, technical inspectors, etc. Their professional experience allows them to make observations and diagnoses, precisely identifying the main causes of an incident and taking a stance on what should be blamed as the reason for the damages.


Loss adjuster - Manager

After training and multiple professional experiences in fields of sales/marketing and business strategy, I switched gears and entered the world of construction. Specialising in concrete material, I acquired a broad knowledge of materials and building construction techniques.
I became an insurance loss adjuster in 2012, and joined GM Consultant the following year working with construction companies. Since 2015 I've led GM Consultant's team in charge of handling claims involving Public Liability, Broken Machinery, and Renewable Energy in the south-east of France.
I'm fascinated by astronomy, and observing the universe fuels my sense of curiosity, which is an essential trait in my profession.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 85 81 19 45

Damien GIL
Loss adjuster - Manager

After studying law, with an emphasis on insurance law, for a few years I worked for insurance companies, serving as a legal writer and providing technical support.
In 2012, I joined GM Consultant as a public liability loss adjuster. I have managed Vehicle Collision and Property Damage divisions since 2015. My desire to provide high quality services prompts me to push my team to give their absolute best.
I am an avid skier, and hone my responsiveness and ability to anticipate on the slopes, skills that are also invaluable to my job.

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Phone : +33 (0)7 88 57 18 30

François GABUS
Loss adjsuter

Before entering the world of insurance in 2005, I used my Master's in civil and infrastructure engineering to oversee roofing and cladding operations for industrial buildings. Working as a loss adjuster for construction, fire and casualty claims at a large insurance group, I handled claims involving water damage, theft, professional liability, decennial liability, etc.
In 2014, I joined GM Consultant as a public liability loss adjuster working with construction companies and real estate professionals. I regularly research new construction techniques to stay up to date and satisfy my curiosity about the field.
I'm a big fan of extreme water sports, which help me unwind.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 45 87 04 77

Jean-Pascal DE GRAEF
Loss adjuster

As an architect, I've participated in the design and construction of many complex projects, working on both renovations and new structures. In 1996, I became a loss adjuster handling cases involving casualty claims and legal protection. After earning a "Master 2" degree in insurance law in 2004, I specialised in public liability, then focused on construction claims.
I have CSTB certification as a construction loss adjuster and am part of the CRAC panel. I am responsible for GM Consultant's cases involving the liability of building professionals and damages to works.
I like to collect and operate land and sea vehicles.

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Phone : 06 23 15 34 60

Jean-Philippe DUPETIT
Loss adjuster

I am an engineer, and oversaw housing construction projects for three years. Through this experience, I gained a broad knowledge of the various building professions. In 2013, I worked as a casualty loss adjuster at a large adjusting firm.
Becoming a loss adjuster for construction and public liability in the building sector in 2016 has bolstered my experience. Responsible for dismissing or confirming professionals' liability involving problems with buildings, I handle my cases in a meticulous, diplomatic manner.
I enjoy tackling challenges, both in my job and while playing team sports.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 23 15 34 87

Loss adjuster

After studying civil engineering, I was responsible for maintaining and renovating a French département's (county) property assets, then managed a major manufacturer's after-sales service department. In 2013, I joined GM Consultant as a loss adjuster for technical and industrial risks, specialising in public liability of construction professionals. I specialise in issues affecting public works professionals, from structural work to finishing work, handling cases with confidence and diplomacy.
I'm interested in the United States, and admire Americans' winning mentality. I emulate their perseverance while handling cases.

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Phone : +33 (0)7 87 80 41 93

Executive Loss adjuster

After 10 years with a large general insurer in the UK, I worked in Australia as an independent loss adjuster for two years to manage a major claim following an earthquake. Once I'd returned to London, I joined the Latin America and Caribbean division of an appraisal firm, where I managed response teams for claims involving natural disasters, then served as Regional Director for the West Indies for five years. I've lived in New York for 13 years now. I joined GM Consultant in 2016 to head management of major property claims, including energy, machinery breakdowns, construction, and commercial real estate in the United States.

Raymond PAWLAK
Loss adjuster - CEO of GM Consultant USA

I started my career at an insurance company in the United States. For 25 years, I've dedicated myself to managing major claims for liability, damages, and operational loss in the fields of construction and commercial and industrial real estate. I work all over America as well as in South America, Asia, and Europe. I also lead investigations and damage surveys as part of product recalls on behalf of multinational companies. I joined GM Consultant in 2016 as CEO of the group's American branch. As such, I supervise the group's teams based in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

Vincent GARCIA
Loss adjuster

An engineer by training, I focused my studies on industrial risk management involving quality issues, fire prevention and management, and risks with mechanical origins.
I worked as a loss adjuster for fire and various other risks for two years, during which time I developed expertise in the field of construction and building. In 2014, I joined GM Consultant as a loss adjuster for broken machinery and public liability for central France. I'm a self-starter, an active listener, and handle my cases with an open mind.
My love for fly fishing helps me hone my attention to detail.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 37 35 20 68

Fréderic SUQUIA
Loss adjuster

After spending 7 years in the roofing trade, I obtained a maitrise professionnelle (professional master’s) for works foremen and joined a global player in the construction industry in 2008. I managed underpinning projects on Haussmann buildings and took part in numerous meetings with architects during which my geotechnical ground knowledge was called upon in particular.
I joined GM Consultant in 2016 as a construction expert in South West France.
In my free time I play team sports, like football and rugby, but I also enjoy travelling and playing chess.

Loss Adjuster - Construction

Trained for the Companions of Duty, I was very young when I started being passionate of wood. I acquired my experience during many years on different technical aspects of the construction sector that I applied in the property and casualty sector. Research, analysis, summarizing cases as well as the continuous improvements in materials and installation techniques are at the center of my concern. I joined GM Consultant as a construction loss adjuster, dealing with professional liability and property damage.
I am interested in materials, and most of all in wood in all its applications, from echology to design.

Phone: +33 (0)6 59 47 45 08

Loss Adjuster

As an loss adjuster for almost 17 years, I've been in charge of corporate civil liability, commercial liability and multi-risk home insurance policies. I joined GM Consultant group in 2017 as part of the Construction division, where I am in charge of claims handling for multi-risk construction, machinery breakdowns and civil liability policies. Of a natural polyvalent nature, my field of experience allows me to operate with small and medium sized businesses, local shops, as well as in the building sector. As a sports enthusiast and lover of wide open spaces, I enjoy my free time to improve my swing during golf rounds.

Phone number: +33 7 88 66 37 61

Senior Liability Loss Adjuster

I have entered loss adjusting in 1994. I handle losses throughout the UK extensively for risks associated with the transport industry. These range from incidents at train stations, track side, third party premises and construction sites for property damage, personal injury and consequential losses. I'm a specialist in agency companies and the losses associated with temporary workers. I handle products liability losses especially for the pharmaceutical industry. I regularly attends Counsel Conference to represent clients to agree litigation strategy for recovery actions.