Lloyd’s Seminar and Workshop “CYBER: JUDGEMENT DAY”

GM Consultant UK is holding a seminar “Cyber : Judgement Day” on 18 June at the Llyod’s of London.  Sarah Reynolds, International Cyber Director (GM Consultant) and Thibault Carré, Cybersecurity Development Manager (INQUEST) will address the question :  “How prepared are you for the next WannaCry, Petya, NotPetya, or systems failure meltdown?”


Cyber attacks and systems failures continue to rise in frequency and cost but also media attention which means that brand reputation and share price are affected. CL380 buy back and silent cyber further increase exposure for Insurers, thus the ways in which an individual business or an Insurer responds to a cyber incident are facing greater scrutiny and challenge.

GM Consultant compare and contrast their experiences as both IT Forensic experts and Cyber Incident Managers across critical infrastructure and the service sector, to provide an insight into sources of attack and vulnerabilities, response strategies, reserving and MI capture, for both Risk & Incident Managers, Insurers and Brokers.


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