GM Consultant specialties now have their own Instagram

Because we are not an expertise firm like the others, we announce the official launch of our Instagram account, a famous social network for photo sharing. Available on smartphone, our gm.consultant account highlights the richness of our specialties as well as our in-house analysis and testing laboratories. 


Our specialities in pictures

Since April 3, 2018, you can discover each week new photos classified by specialties: Lifting, Fire, Rail, Arts and Precious, Transport etc..

GM Consultant’s specialities cover a wide range of skills and take us, in images, behind the scenes of expertise. From the exploration of damage to a listed historic building, to a file on stained glass windows, to an inverted crane on the side of the road, our specialists share the daily life of their trades. Our in-house laboratories also contain incredible snapshots of analyses with our investigative equipment. Precursors on Instagram, we are convinced that knowledge must be shared and accessible to the greatest number.


Speech through evidence

Our loss adjusters are talented: they ensure that their reports are as technical as they are understandable for non-specialists, continuously develop their knowledge to deal with new technologies or regulations before they are implemented. Their sharp eye is concerned with every detail. This is what made us want to share with you some of our expertise in images. The objective is to dust off the image of Insurance and Expertise. Indeed, far from certain prejudices of the expert a little boring, our job is made of beautiful stories, fruitful meetings and investigations as sharp as fascinating.

Find the photos of our experts specialists right now on @GM.Consultant… do not hesitate to like, comment our posts or share your opinions with us, we will be happy to answer you!