21 employees of GM Consultant to run in the “Foulées de l’ Assurance” race

On the occasion of the “Foulées de l’ Assurance” organised on March 18th in the Bois de Boulogne, GM Consultant is committing itself to a cause that is close to its heart through the sporting practice, a true value that unites its collaborators.


Sport is at the core of our values

Since its beginning, sport has been an important value within GM Consultant. True part of the DNA of the group, its employees regularly participate in sporting events linked to the values of commitment and self-improvement. Always ready for new sporting challenges, 21 of our committed employees will cover the 10 km of the Heart and the 8 km of the Walk of the Heart of “Les Foulées de l’ Assurance”, in order to show their support for this purpose.


“Les Foulées de l’ Assurance”: Let’s Move for the Heart!

This charitable sporting event raises funds for a public health cause: research into cardiovascular disease. A real breath of fresh air in the heart of Paris, Les Foulées de l’ Assurance is an opportunity for us to share a moment of conviviality with the stakeholders of our profession, and offers two types of active participation:

The “10 Km of the Heart” are organised for the benefit of ADICARE, an association whose objective is to support and promote research in cardiology and cardiac surgery, and which participates in the creation, setting up, equipping and management of research centres. The course consists of a 10 km long loop in the centre of the Bois de Boulogne, combining urban and forest ground.

The “Walk of the Heart” helps to support the association “Fais Battre Ton Cœur” which is committed for in fighting against cardiovascular diseases by promoting awareness among the general public, by organizing information, mobilization, initiation and training operations for first aid gestures and the use of external automated defibrillators. This 8 km walk will welcome participants with or without Nordic walking sticks on a ground that mainly follows the “10 km of the Heart”.

We invite you to meet us at the Bois de Boulogne on Sunday 18th March at the start line, join us and let’s move for the heart!