GM Consultant launches a series of “Loss Adjusters’ Advice” webinars

Because risk management is at the heart of our business, the GM Consultant Group has decided to harness the talents of our specialist loss adjusters to offer a fresh perspective on current topics.  


Continuing to support SMEs in risk prevention and control

Based on 20 years of claims management experience, we are already training companies to manage their risks in response to the latest issues affecting their sectors. Today, we want to spread this knowledge by sharing the experience and skills of our specialist loss adjusters.

As an innovative means of communication, the webinar (web-seminar) breaks down geographical and technical boundaries to recreate a genuine conference experience where presentations by our specialists and discussions with participants help to advance knowledge.

Live on your computers and smartphones, or replayed through our dedicated channel, our loss adjusters will use their experience of claims management to help you to approach future problems differently, and thus prevent risks through this high level of awareness.


Enhancing news topics with “Loss Adjusters’ Advice”

Through an innovative collaborative platform, our “Loss Adjusters’ Advice” webinars will offer a different perspective on the key issues affecting your industry sectors. We will begin our series by looking at the topic of finance in the face of new computer technologies and cyber risks.

We will also provide an overview of renewable energies, focussing in particular on photovoltaics and the risks associated with the latest technical innovations. A webinar focussing on the environment and the issue of ecological damage is also being put together with specialist loss adjusters from France and Belgium.


Our webinar series will begin in June; follow us on LinkedIn to be kept informed of future dates and topics.