Our previous Paris office welcomes GM Consultant’s analysis and test laboratory

Analysis and testing laboratories to accompany our teams


Three laboratories accompany our teams and our customers during their investigations, reinforce our technical skills and grant high level customized services (expertise reactivity and quality):

  • Electrical and electronics laboratory: component failure, electromagnetic compatibility, fire risks, etc.
  • Mechanical and materials laboratory: product fatigue resistance, standards compliance, fracture pattern analysis, etc.
  • IT and cyber security laboratory: deleted files recovery, hard drives back up, forensics, reverse engineering, reproduction of IT fraud mechanisms.



This equipment will allow to carry on different analyses during appraisals, mostly in electronics and mechanics. For example, the observation of the inner layers of printed circuit or electronic components, the measurement of the top coating thickness, the identification of the ruin mode of mechanical parts or still the identification of material defaults.

Our laboratories act before risks realization (audit, prevention, counsel) and after (loss adjustment).

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