GM Consultant launches INQUEST: its Risk Management subsidiary

The GM Consultant Group has, this year, consolidated its offer by creating INQUEST, a subsidiary that specialises in risk management.  With its creation, the Group is capitalising on almost 20 years of experience in damage surveys and claim management on behalf of insurance companies to now offer a complete range of services to businesses.

Supporting SMEs in risk prevention and control

INQUEST intends to assist SMEs in anticipating and managing better the particular risks involved in their business. It will rely on the Group’s various technical abilities and experience in complex claim management. The INQUEST consultants will guide businesses though audits, consultancy and training. They will also be involved in crisis management and carry out investigations with the support of the Group’s own laboratories.

The team comprises a dozen consultants who specialise in information technology, cyber security, finance, insurance, industry, construction, and fine art jewellery and specie.


Three internal analysis and testing laboratories

To properly assess risk exposure, the GM Consultant Group has supplied INQUEST with three analytical laboratories that specialise in mechanics/materials, electronics/electricity and IT/Cyber. The laboratories will enable INQUEST’s teams to carry out in-depth investigations of possible incidents through the analysis of products, research on the causes of risks and forensic investigations, while providing empirical support for company decisions on how best to manage risks.


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