A customised management solution for property damage claims

SES : a customised management solution for property damage claims

Processing property damage coverage is one of the most time-consuming activities insurance companies undertake, and quality service is fundamental to policyholder satisfaction.  Such claims require case handlers to perform in-depth analyses, usually calling in experts to investigate the technical causes and assess the damage. These incidents (fire, floods, natural disasters, theft, glass breakage, etc.), can have both financial and personal impacts on policyholders. Property damage claims must be resolved in a quick, efficient manner.

Our loss adjusters and case handlers have a versatile legal and technical skill set, and use the latest digital communication tools (smartphones, video conferencing, etc.) to handle every aspect of the loss. In the interest of finding an expedient resolution, our team analyses the case and, if necessary, performs on-site damage surveys. SES handles 2,500 property damage claims per year.