Diesel oil leak


Our policyholder carries out maintenance for fuel distribution pumps at the port, upon request from the local cooperative.

A leak occurred at a transition connection located between the output for the pumping unit and the pipeline carrying fuel to the distribution pumps, spilling 23,000 litres of diesel onto the port embankment.

As the incident occurred near an area that is protected on account of the significant heritage value of its flora and fauna, provisional measures and clean-up operations had to be quickly put in place.


A GM Consultant loss adjuster specialising in environmental pollution led the investigations and technical tests required to determine the cause of the loss while monitoring the progress of the clean-up operations, for which the government bodies expected regular reports.

In the end, the pollution was contained and the impact was limited. A detailed analysis of the circumstances of the loss made it possible to recommend modifications to the existing equipment, and to remove any blame attributed to our policyholder for the loss.