Financial institutions and commercial companies of all sizes are prime targets for malicious employees and scammers from outside the company.

Since the early 2010s, a form of fraud involving the impersonation of a company’s top executives has become increasingly common. Its many iterations share the common theme of identity theft used to prompt the execution of False International Transfer Orders (referred to as “FOVI” in French).

Faced with this type of fraud, which is often traumatising for its victims, companies and their insurers must be able to count on trusted, competent, and reactive loss assessors.

Our loss adjusters, all former auditors, are accounting experts with a perfect understanding of the issues related to internal control. This expertise enables them to analyse the most complex fraud mechanisms and to assess the losses suffered by the fraud’s victims.


Loss adjuster - South East Manager

After studying engineering and gaining experience in financial auditing, I joined GM Consultant as an IT loss adjuster, then became a loss adjuster for finance in 2007. I then developed and directed the Financial Risks division before becoming part of the company's management committee in 2015.
As Manager of the South-East Region, I support the loss adjusters on a daily basis, to share my knowledge and promote synergy between our Talents.
Customer satisfaction is important to me. I believe damage surveys should be carried out with a sharp eye for detail and a tactful approach to finding resolutions.
Keen on sailing, I handle unexpected situations calmly both at sea and at work.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 16 15 31 56

Loss adjuster

When I arrived in France from the Czech Republic in 2007, I started studying international business, specialising in audit and inspection. For five years I put my knowledge to use in the banking sector, working as a comptroller and then as an internal auditor for the French and European branches.
With my knowledge of banking processes, bank financing methods, and banks' public liability, in 2015 I joined GM Consultant as a loss adjuster for financial risks, specialising in commercial and banking fraud. I speak four languages, which enables me to process a variety of French and international claims with rigour and diplomacy.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 27 91 61 85

Nicolas MUSQ
Loss Adjuster - Manager of Finance and Services division

After spending seven years at a large international auditing and consulting firm as a financial auditor specialising in the insurance industry, in 2009 I joined GM Consultant as a loss adjuster for financial risks. Well-versed in issues involving intangible prejudice, fraud, public liability of financial professionals and the regulated professions, each day I support the loss adjusters in my division in processing their claims, instilling values of rigour, ethics, critical thinking.
I love to travel, and view each new case as I do the start of a trip: an exciting, rewarding opportunity for adventure.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 24 35 85 55

Loss adjuster

After studying economics, management, and organisational auditing, for five years I worked in an auditing and consulting firm for listed clients, insurance companies, and mutual companies.
I joined GM Consultant in 2014 as a loss adjuster for financial risks specialised in the areas of banking fraud, commercial fraud, and claims involving high-stakes damages (recalls, operational loss, etc.). I am curious and dynamic, and tailor my approach to my target audience: policyholders, insurers, technical experts, etc. My interpersonal relationships help me maintain my balance.

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Phone : +33 (0)7 89 48 03 46

Timothée GRANGE
Loss adjuster - Asia Pacific Director

Trained in finance, risk management, crisis management, and competitive intelligence, I worked in China for four years to create and manage a company, then spent three years in France in risk management consulting.
After joining GM Consultant in 2012, I taught myself about damage surveying before moving to Hong Kong and creating the Asia-Pacific subsidiary. Specialising in financial, technical, and industrial risks, I enhanced my knowledge of IT risks by becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker.
An avid runner, I challenge myself on the track just as I do in my professional life.

Christelle BOUTROS
Loss Adjuster

With a master's degree in Management Science and another in International Financial Management, I began my career as a financial auditor within a well-respected audit firm. After spending 6 years at this Big Four company, I joined the GM Consultant Group in 2017 as a loss adjuster in the Finance and Services division. My ability to adapt to complex situations means that I can effectively respond to the individual requirements of each client.
I rely daily on my risk assessment and financial audit knowledge to intervene in the context of challenges in the assessment of intangible damages, fraud and public liability of regulated professions.

Phone: +33 (0)6 89 21 88 16